Eat Chic Chocolates is a London based peanut butter cup chocolatier whose brand needed an update. Yum.


Eat Chic Chocolates

Roles: Art direction, branding, pattern creation
Agency: Freelance
Photos by Lotta Andonian

Eat Chic Chocolates was founded by Lotta Andonian in 2014, in London, where she sold in department stores such as Selfridges and Fortnum & Mason. Anticipating the relaunch of her company in Brooklyn, Lotta contacted me and asked me to create a brand based on a marble print I'd created a few years prior. With Lotta's fashion marketing background and attention to detail, we created a comprehensive identity that includes a signature print, logos and marks and typographic pairings that support the brand ethos.


I left ECC with a comprehensive style guide explaining typography choices and logo usage.