BirthBridge is a Portland based doula practice with a unique point of view in the world of birth.


BirthBridge Doula Services

Roles: Art direction, branding, illustration, website design
Agency: Freelance

BirthBridge Doula Services is a Portland based brand dedicated to helping everyone receive support for births, miscarriages and abortions. Run by Ami Hanna, the BirthBridge identity needed to be welcoming, warm and caring. Using a soft color palette, I envisioned a brand that suited Ami's personality and retained a level of neutrality to reach people from different backgrounds who may seek her services. I illustrated a series of hand icons to stand as cornerstones for the brand through the website and other collateral she might need, chose a type system that conveyed trust and openness, and designed a website that could be easily built on Semplice or a like platform. 

BirthBridge is a work in progress-- We are still producing materials as the needs arise. Website lauching 2017.